Конгресс Европейского общества фармакогенетики и тераностики состоится 7-9 октября 2015 года в Будапеште
Чт, 22 Янв 2015
Конгресс Европейского общества фармакогенетики и тераностики состоится 7-9 октября 2015 года в Будапеште

After Bled (Slovenia) and Lisbon (Portugal) the third ESPT Conference will take place in Budapest in 2015 (October 7-9).

The choice has been made between 4 candidates and we are happy that Budapest has been selected. One of the reasons is that we found a local partner as National Society - Hungarian Society of Personalized Medicine - and other Hungarian Organizations.

The other reason for the choice is that Budapest is a marvellous city and we believe it to be a fantastic site for our 3rd conference. The capital city of Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe on the two sides of the Danube. 2000 years ago the Romans named the area «Aquincum» that means «the city of waters» indicating the many water springs bubbling from the ground.

Today Budapest is a metropolis with 2 million inhabitants yet with its historical and cultural monuments it has preserved the charm and atmosphere of a livable town. Among the many tourist attractions you can find the 700 year-old gothic Matthias Church on Castle Hill; the Royal Palace that was originally a castle from the 13th century, Chain Bridge that was the first permanent link between Buda and Pest; Elizabeth Bridge that was the first cable bridge in Europe. And last but not least the building of the Academy of Hungarian Sciences where the conference takes place. The building was inaugurated in 1865, at a turning point in the urban and architectural history of Budapest on the Pest side of the river.

The main objective of the conference is to improve and accelerate Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine.

The main themes of the conference will be:

  • Integrated personal omics profiling and stratified medicine
  • Use of electronic health care data for personalized medicine
  • Personalized immune response and immunosuppression testing
  • Pharmacogenomics of cardiovascular drugs and asthma treatment
  • Drug transporters in clinical trials
  • Pain and Pharmacogenomics
  • Targeted therapy of myeloid and lymphoid leukemias
  • We will also have Interactive sessions with clinicians for discussing the use of pharmacogenomics data.
  • The necessary tools and models for achieving these targets will be presented in the systems biology/systems medicine spirit.

The meeting will bring together laboratory medicine specialists, pharmacologists, clinicians, scientists from pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, geneticists, hospital pharmacists and epidemiologists from Hungary, the nearest countries and overall Europe.

We have started to construct an interesting scientific program with invited speakers, selected oral presentations, poster sessions and technical workshops. We are waiting the first abstracts for selection of oral presentations.

Due to the infrastructural developments of the recent years Budapest can be easily reached both by air and from the neighbouring countries by car as well. We encourage you to meet the famous Hungarian hospitality during our conference where we invite you with pleasure.

Gérard Siest György Németh

ESPT President HSPM President



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